Yariv Sagiv, Advocate

Mr. Yariv Sagiv of Israel, is a graduate of The Herzelia Interdisciplinary Center Faculty of Law. He holds a Master's degree in law from the University of Bar Ilan, where he majored in tort law, contracts and real estate.

Mr. Sagiv completed his training at the office of the President of the Central Region's District Court, Honorable Judge Yeuda Fargo, and at the Tel Aviv's District Court with the Honorable Judge Ze'ev Hammer.

Mr. Sagiv was accepted as a member of the Israel Bar Association in 2001.

Mr. Sagiv specializes in litigation and land laws, including legal counseling and assistance for real estate transactions, contracts issues, corporate law, and torts.

Mr. Sagiv is engaged in international legal and business activities, and enterprises in the fields of cellular communications, real estate, environmental protection including: bio- diesel, and medical waste treatment in the U.S.A, China and all Europe.